I study myself sound healing and practice experimental sound healing in small groups or in person.

Sound healing using 432 hz and 444 hz with sacred sonic tools like: Tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, special produced audio wave files that bring body and mind energy levels to a natural balanced status that help you enjoy your life at its best capacity.

I am working, or better said i am travelling into the magnificent world of music and sound magic, since 2008 and i've been creating my own understanding of what sound energy is capable of. It is enthusiastic and euphoric. I 've worked with many musicians and all sorts of musical setups, musical instruments, electronic, acoustic, analogue or digital. It all comes down to your intention. At the moment i enjoy doing Sound healing the most, and want to share my safe findings through all that time and go on. Music is so powerful and it needs to be used properly with loads of respect. From dancing, laughing, crying, making love, achieving higher states of consciousness to healing our own body. Trust and respect sound because, if you want to find the secrets of that magic universe we are part of, then think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration like Mr N.Tesla once said. Peace.

George Palilis 12.07.2020

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